Cassette Birthday Card

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Get out your boombox, it’s time for a retro birthday party! Featuring a hand-drawn cassette tape, this funny birthday card is perfect for someone who has a sense of humour about their increasing age. The naive handwriting font caption reads “Happy birthday to an endangered species”, making a witty crack at the enhanced age of the recipient. As much as we hate to admit that cassettes like the one on this funny birthday card are considered ‘Retro’ or even ‘Vintage’, there’s no denying that musical technology has come a long way since the little tapes dominated the scene. Use this cheeky birthday card to rub it in someone’s face that they’ll also soon become obsolete! Birthday Card Features: Size: 110mm x 150mm Supplied with Kraft envelope Blank inside 300gsm star-fine white paper FSC-certified acid-free card stock Hand drawn and printed in the UK