Make a set of ceramic tiles - Saturday 13th July 12-3pm

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Join local ceramicist Jo Williams to learn how to design and make your own set of original ceramic tiles.

You will be provided with a large sheet of leather hard clay from which you will be able to cut and form your own tiles. You will colour your tiles with different coloured slips and when dry you will be able to carve into the surface with carving tools. You will be able to firstly draw your designs onto your tiles and then Jo will show you how to carve your image from the tile or carve the background away leaving your image on the surface. She will then take the tiles to be bisque and clear glaze fired and will return them to Florence and Fox for you to collect two weeks later.

You can make as many tiles as you like in the three hours long workshop!

Our workshops are kept small so there will be loads of one to one tuition. You'll also be offered some refreshments and 10% discount off anything purchased from Florence and Fox on the day!